How to use this website in your classroom
The Interaction of Color Complete Digital Edition can supplement lessons on color theory. Here are some ideas about how the website can be used in the classroom.
Watch the videos in class
There are over 2 hours of video content available on the website. From video commentaries to explanations about how Albers taught his classes, there is plenty of media to help entertain and explain concepts in alternative formats. Here are some examples of how video might be used in your classroom:
Show the videos of Albers describing after-image or middle mixtures. Note: The videos are located within the chapters.
Watch short, informative, and beautifully filmed videos about the history of Interaction of Color and about Albers as a teacher. Help your students gain perspective on how the book was developed – by students and for students.
Show the “Color in Practice Videos” under the "Resources" section of the site to your students. These videos are designed to give students perspective on why understanding the relationships between color is so effective for their current and future work. The video on CMYK vs RGB is helpful for those designing on their computers for printing.
Show commentary videos to reinforce concepts for specific plates.
Easily share important plates in class
The website hosts 122 plates from the original edition that can be scrolled through for viewing in class. This is your opportunity to share the full range of studies from the original edition with your students. You may even discover some you haven’t seen before!
Use the exercises for critiques
With 60 interactive exercises on the site, students can try to recreate the effects of the Plates with their own color choices. Let students work out problems directly on their devices and have them share on screen with their classmates.
Project the plates and video in the classroom
Connect your personal device to your AV equipment to project the text, videos and plates
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