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Developed and maintained by Yale University Press (YUP), the A&AePortal is a unique digital platform offering a curated selection of important art and architectural history titles, along with books in related disciplines (i.e., visual and material culture, classics, and religion). Its library comprises out-of-print, backlist, new, and born-digital books from YUP and various publishing partners, with some 50 books being added each year.
With students expecting content to be available digitally, the A&AePortal is an essential resource: 80% of its content is not available elsewhere in a digital format. It also offers a wealth of possibilities as a teaching and research tool, allowing chapters to be assigned for course use or students to search by image to find related content for assignments. The A&AePortal editorial team has replaced many black-and-white images in older books with high-quality color files and added extensive metadata to all titles to create robust search functionality. Related content can easily be found at the chapter level, and references and footnotes are linked to other books on the site, all of which enable students to engage in active critical thinking when using the resource.
A different kind of online resource for art and architectural history books
Exclusive and authoritative
Many out-of-print titles, key backlist, and recent releases from the world’s finest academic and museum publishers are available as eBooks exclusively on this site. Peer-reviewed born-digital content is also available on the A&AePortal.
Innovative functionality
With innovative search features, zoom capabilities, an interactive online reader, plus supplemental audio and video, the A&AePortal enables researchers to make efficient and effective connections between texts and related images. The site also provides opportunities for the publication of new forms of scholarship.
Discoverable and centralized
Deep text and image tagging allow researchers to study scholarship across multiple eBooks from a variety of major publishers, yielding rich and exciting results.
Accessible and affordable
Instantly expand your library’s collection by subscribing to the A&AePortal. Multi-user permissions provide classrooms with convenient access to chapters without additional cost.
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