Image Use Policy
This platform takes exciting steps in exploring how images can be used to discover scholarship across multiple publications. Among other things, it enables students and scholars to search for books or other content on the platform by using images. Yale University Press has created, updated, and attempted to standardize the metadata for the images on the site to enable comprehensive searches, as well as to provide, when possible, links to the current location of the artworks themselves.
Yale University Press and the participating publishers deeply respect copyright and the interests of artists in protecting their works. The images are presented solely in support of the scholarship on this platform; and in many instances, they are shown in low resolution and at a relatively small size, and thus stand in contrast to the large, high-resolution images used in printed art and architectural history books. This has enabled Yale University Press and the participating publishers to rely on a fair use or fair dealing defense with respect to such images and without which publication of this educational resource would not have been possible. Yale University Press and the participating publishers believe this application of the fair use doctrine with respect to the use of images on the platform is in keeping with the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts issued by the College Art Association ( and the evolving case law. In limited instances, images that appeared in the original print publication have not been included on the site and have been so marked.
Yale University Press and its publishing partners also acknowledge that books published in the past may have included images that may no longer be deemed appropriate to reproduce. When requested by a publishing partner, images of potentially culturally sensitive objects and belongings have been suppressed on the A&AePortal.
Image Sources and Captions
Some of the images of artworks presented on this platform did not come from the original print publication. In order to improve the discoverability of images, and thus the related scholarship, one image (and its associated metadata) resides on the platform for each artwork. Whenever possible, new digital color files have been secured from museums or other sources to replace black-and-white and poor-quality reproductions, thus providing users with a more meaningful educational experience. In all instances, including where a new image file has been used, it is important to note that the captions for artworks have been retained from the original print publication. No alterations have been made in order to preserve the record of the original scholarly text.
Copyright notices that appear in captions or on Photo Credits pages also come from the original print publication. Whenever possible, the image metadata on the platform provides the user with a convenient link to a museum website, if applicable, which will likely cite current copyright information.
Images of artwork under copyright are subject to copyright law. For users seeking to obtain permission for the use of images outside the A&A ePortal and beyond the boundaries of fair use or fail dealing, copyright permission may be administered by the artist (if living), the artist’s estate or foundation, or a rights organization. For further resources and information, the major U.S. rights organizations are Artists Rights Society (see for a list of artists represented) and VAGA (see; DACS ( can be consulted in the U.K.
If you have questions about our image policies, please contact